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The Value of Curved Diamond Engagement Ring

(Posted on Jan 7, 2015 at 03:59AM )
eternity rings australiaCurved Diamond Engagement Ring are rising in popularity and people  are looking for special styles and designs that signify  everlasting love and  commitment. Wedding rings are rings that signify the affection and warmth shared between a couple. In  recent years, finding the ideal one that expresses ones feelings for their partner has become even simpler with reliable online jewelry shops. A  wedding ceremony is once-in-a-lifetime  occasion. For individuals who are into wedding  preparations, wedding rings hold a very essential place in the whole order of things. This is why, a  wedding ring must be  exquisite as many consider it to be the highlight at a wedding.Diamonds are considered to be the traditional  symbol of affection,fidelity and marriage. This is  why they are the best option when it  comes to wedding bands. Popular arrangements include side stones, multistone, classic solitaire,three stone and   more.
 Types of Wedding Bands  
The  Robert Young Jewellery gives a wide variety of classic and delicate wedding rings for men and women. Some of the more  popular categorizations include: Womens Diamond Rings, Classic Wedding Bands,  Delicate Wedding Rings, Diamond Wedding Rings,   Mens Classic  Wedding Rings.
 Womens Diamonds  Rings  
Many women tend to hold their  wedding band to be dear to the heart. This is why; this special ring must be best in every  way possible. The Robert Young Jewellery has a wide range of precious stone wedding bands for women.The precious gems can be set in white gold, platinum or other  precious metals. Bands are commonly available in 10K, 14K & 18K white gold or yellow gold and platinum.  The  Robert Young Jewellery offers  multiple setting  for women’s diamond rings like channel set, barset, bezel set & pave set. So come create your own bespoke wedding ring with  Robert Young Jewellery  various customization options.
Classic Wedding Rings 
Are regarded as a timeless design  and are usually remarkably  appreciated  by everyone. At  Eternity rings online, there  are many of classic wedding bands in D shaped, flat court & knife edge profiles on offer. The Classic wedding bands  are available in 18K white gold, yellow  gold and platinum. The Court  rings happens to be one of the most endearing  among the traditional styles used for wedding rings.
Delicate wedding bands
Have their very own  significance and value. At The Robert Young Jewellery, you will find classic collection of single precious stone   creations. These delicate rings can be bought in two tone, white gold or yellow gold and platinum.
Gemstone  Wedding  bands 
A gem is a piece of mineral, which is cut and polished to create jewelry or other adornments. Chose the latest selection  of gemstone rings at The Robert Young Jewellery featuring gems like Ruby,  Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Tanzanite and Period. All the rings are available in  10K, 18K white gold, yellow gold.
Mens Classic Wedding  Bands
Typical men’s eternity rings are in plain metal. Popular design profiles used here include classics such as the  court  shape, D-shaped, flatcourt, bevelled edge & knife edge.The rings are popularly produced in 18K white gold or yellow gold and  platinum.

White Gold Diamond Eternity Ring A Symbol of Love

(Posted on Dec 29, 2014 at 12:35PM )
Eternity Rings are just a marvelous piece of jewellery for depicting the love, care and concern for your partner. These must-have decorations are fast gaining popularity here in Sydney as well as the Australia. The ethereal wedding rings speckled with expensive diamonds are quite a sight to behold due to their striking looks and immaculate presence. The distinctive design of these bands is not only eye-catching but they are sure to speechless as well. These bands symbolize that the past, present and future are integrated and that the basis of the relationship that is shared, built on the foundation of eternal love, faith, honesty and fidelity. This ubiquitous quality is present in all Eternity Rings and is thus often a trendy choice to be presented as a Wedding Ring or an Anniversary Diamond ring.
Eternity Wedding rings are generally of categorized into two types – full and half. The rings with small expensive diamonds dappled  all over the circumference are the Full Eternity Bands while the bands with just gemstones speckled on the top of the wedding rings is the Half Eternity Wedding rings. The expensive diamonds may be substituted with other gems or may be used in conjunction. The fabulous look that has become the hallmark of these remarkable bands is retained no matter what precious stone is used. The gemstones can be arranged using setting or may be set into the shank of the ring like in a pave or grain setting. The gemstones are generally cut in square, oval or princess cut and they are typically the most popular. Also, Full Eternity Bands are usually nearly twice the cost of Half Eternity Rings due to nearly double the number of gemstones. 
As stated earlier, gemstone mottled Eternity Wedding rings are often presented as Gemstone Wedding Rings. Not only do they express the sentiments of love, care and affection but also reaffirm the timeless nature of the magical and blissful journey of matrimony that is going to be undertaken. In addition, they are possess gorgeous and can be worn in conjunction with the Diamond Band. Both the bands complement and enhance each other’s beauty and the brilliance of the sparkling diamonds is unmatched. The smaller precious gems add a backdrop to the central diamond on the Engagement Band thereby adding a whole new dimension to the look and feel of the ring. 
Eternity Rings can also be usually gifted as Wedding anniversary Rings. They signify the wonderful times that have passed, the blissful present and the amazing time in the future, filled with happiness and joy yet to come. It is a small token of appreciation for all the love and support bestowed upon you by your spouse through the years. It also serves as a souvenir to celebrate all the great milestones achieved as a couple like the birth of your children, your first home you bought to raise a family etc. This truly stunning and versatile wedding ring is an embodiment of the long term commitment between two individuals who have become one in mind and soul.
These rings have become the preferable choice for Australian couples due to the above mentioned points and are readily available at many Eternity rings online shops across Sydney and the Australia.

How To Choose The Best Diamond Eternity Band

(Posted on Dec 17, 2014 at 07:54AM )
eternity ringsWhat exactly  is best thing you can give to your lover? Are you loving and sweet to her? Do you desire to show  that she's very special to you? Are you interested to give her a gift such as a eternity ring?  This article can really help you a lot.
It's not only you who must have taken the support of engagement rings to get your lover, this tradition is quite old. Thus, if your  love wants to achieve your lover, and see her smiling besides you, you show her your  truthfulness by presenting a pretty eternity ring.  Planning the perfect eternity ring involves choosing the best wedding  sellers. Select good ones and you’re sure to have flawless wedding ring design that lets you enjoy your special day  with little worry. Well, now the question haunting your mind must be where to find such a ring.
You can either go to a nearby jewelry dealer selling gorgeous rings like diamond eternity rings , or log on to a reputed eternity rings australia online jewellery site. Clicking through many pages, you will surely get the ring of your choice.
And how would you  know, what kind of ring can be called the best? Then here are certain guidelines, which can help you choose the right ring.
An eternity diamond  ring is made up of a band and a stone. However, place setting of the ring is equally important. The  ring can be made either from silver or platinum, depending on your budget and desirability. If you  like a white tone metal, but find platinum expensive, you can select white gold. Though a single ring, without  a stone, can also prove to be a good eternity band, women generally prefer a gemstone on the  ring.
Choosing the best gemstone is not difficult, provided you already know the choice of your  lover. For example, if your woman loves precious stone, then start  searching for the perfect gemstone engagement band, which comes within your  budget. A lot of women like gemstones, like emerald eternity rings.
When decided  concerning the band and also the stone of the ring, you can now sit and decide  the ring setting. There are six eternity ring setting. Those are Solitaire Settings, Cathedral Settings, Two Tapered Baguette Settings, Antique eternity  Ring Settings, Bezel Settings and Channel Settings. You can choose your favorite style from the given setting.
There is no harm in flaunting your love.  Expressing love leads to blooming of love. And there is nothing like expressing love with engagement rings. Log on and choose the one for your lover.

Fashionable As Anniversary Gifts

(Posted on Dec 11, 2014 at 05:02AM )
Our finely crafted diamond Eternity Rings are made with RoseEternity bands are gorgeous symbols of love that your partner is sure to cherish for years to come. But exactly what are the real symbolism of eternity rings?  We've investigated it, and discovered that they can mean lots of different things to different people.
Eternity rings are rings, commonly made from gold, white gold, or platinum, that feature gemstones that encompass the outdoors of the ring all around.  Some feature gemstones that go half-way around, while most feature stones all the way around. The stones most often used are expensive diamonds. Eternity rings  are used very often for wedding bands, but are becoming increasingly fashionable as anniversary gifts and symbolizations of many special moments in a  couple's life. 
Wedding bands symbolise the eternal circle of love and life. They're one continuous circle of precious metal that can never be broken. Some people  have their wedding rings created to suit and don't believe in sizing them. This is simply because they don't want the ring to ever be cut. The circle must  never be broken. This is one reason that eternity rings are so popular as wedding rings. They don't only beautifully compliment a diamond  engagement ring, but they are one continuous unbreakable circle. Because of diamond placement circling the ring, you cannot size it. Cutting the band  might lead to you to lose stones and some believe, break the eternal circle. Eternity rings must be created to be the size that you need. 
As one of the strongest materials on earth, diamonds themselves represent everlasting. Diamonds can mean deathless love and devotion, loyalty,  fidelity, eternal friendship, unwavering partnership and commitment. They can also symbolize the future, promising a life of togetherness and  closeness. Diamonds on eternity bands symbolize all of these symbolism in an everlasting circle, essentially magnifying their symbolism, continually  encompassing the finger in a never-ending circle of lasting beauty. 
Some people use eternity bands to symbolize different times in their lives. One man described why he chose an eternity ring for his woman of fifty  years. He realized that each one could represent something significant that they had shared or an difficulty that they had overcome together. He wrote  a beautiful poem talking about what each stone meant. One was for the first time he laid eyes on her. The next was for their first hug. Then came  marriage, children, their first home, getting through the challenges that they had faced together with unwavering commitment to each other, and so on.  Creating his own symbolism made this eternity ring really special to his wife and surely put a smile on her face every time she saw it after  that. This special ring and it's story will most definitely become a treasured family memory and treasure in the future.
In short, the eternity rings that you give can mean what you may want them to. Eternity bands should always represent something. Whether it is  marriage, the birth of a child, wedding anniversary or just a special time in your lives, eternity bands can really solidify the moment, capturing the uniqueness  and sacred bond that you share in a stunning circle of gemstones. Your special romantic relationships, friendships and love can be forever symbolized in eternity  rings. For more info about rings visit your nearest eternity rings australia store.

Gift Ideas For Women

(Posted on Dec 5, 2014 at 02:46PM )
Christmas time is an  awesome holiday to show the woman in your life just how much you love and value her. Your gift to her will  remind her how  special you think that she really is. Nothing shows your love better than a well thought out gift which takes  into account her interests and desires. 
Here's a checklist of gift ideas to get you started on your way to  purchasing the very best gift for the woman in your life this holiday season:
Gift Idea #1 – Among the best Christmas gifts you can give the woman in your life is the gift of your time. Take time out to show the woman in  your life  that you value her, and all that she has done for you, by volunteering to complete tasks for her that you know she does not like to  do. This could be  preparing a meal, or even cleaning her home for her. 
Gift Idea #2 – If  the woman in your life doesn't take time out of her occupied time to relax herself, give her a great gift of  some luxury spa products which she  can use at her leisure in the privacy of her own home. Great options for this are bath  salts and nice smelling lotions or body butters.
Gift Idea #3 – Women normally do not buy  perfume for themselves. While some do, many wait to have their favorite scent gifted to them by special  members of the family. If you are unsure which scent is the favorite of the woman in your life, a trip to her room can easily tell you. The bottle which  is  nearly empty is the best choice for you to purchase for her. 
Gift Idea #4 – A mom's ring made with the  birthstones of each of her children is a superb gift choice for Christmas for your mother or  grandmother; this ring shows  all that see it that your mother or grandma has children who love her. If your mother or grandma doesn't  wear  rings, you can also get a mother's pendant necklace which has the same impact. 
Gift Idea #5 – Every  woman likes to receive flowers. If you're the woman in your life works outside the home, have some holiday flowers deliver to her   workplace so that everybody knows she's special to you. If the woman in your life likes plants to  flowers, have the florist send a nice basket garden or  Christmas cactus instead. 
Gift Idea #6 – If the woman in your life adores techie gadgets, and many these times do, a nice digital camera or cool new mp3 player could be just what she  has been pining over. Mention new items available on the market to her to get a feel for  what she might delight in getting, but probably won't spend the cash on  to purchase for herself.  From there you should get an idea of what an ideal gift will be.
Gift #7- An  engagement ring is the best gift for a woman, whether she is your lover or your partner. You can  make it set with expensive diamonds, emeralds and  rubies or something quite  classic and simple in style. Robert Young Jewelry retailers has numerous options to choose from Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Eternity Rings, Diamond Rings, Commitment Rings in the Lilyfield, NSW store location.

Ideal Wedding Band

(Posted on Nov 26, 2014 at 08:24AM )
We occassionally do our shopping on impulse especially on our personal things as we really know what we want and some people always get what they need. This can be unsafe when buying something very significant or what we call pricey items. Getting jewellery and watches gives you feeling of pleasure and cautiousness because there's always a chance that you'll not receive the original select item. There are imitations and fake items so we must be aware always of whatever we're purchasing.
When my spouce and i made a decision to get married we had a lot of searching to do for the perfect specifications of our wishes. My sister solved it by taking us to a place where we can have selections of wedding rings for our coming wedding. There we almost didn't remember the specifications we have as there are hundreds of wedding rings there. We chose simple but stylish wedding rings.
Now couples who want to buy wedding rings or gold eternity rings but doesn't have the time to search and canvass stuff like these can have the chance to search and order online. This way you'll never get tired of looking at various offers and won't tire yourself hopping from one store to another. Actually you can hop around online for the shops that carry your needed things.

Buying Tips for an Eternity Ring

(Posted on Nov 21, 2014 at 05:38AM )

I’ve listed some of the main points about buying or looking at eternity ring.

Eternity Ring Style: This can be the hardest part of the process as so many eternity rings look really fabulous. So this part is mostly about how you feel about the eternity ring. Is it a statement piece you are after? Do you want it to be bold and beautiful? Or is it to nestle in with another ring? It’s your choice! The question now is,  are you bold? understated? or feminine? Whatever you may be, you check out some styles here.

Stand alone: Will the Eternity Ring stand alone or will it be sitting next to another wedding or engagement ring? This part is more about the physical way the ring may sit. Will it fit under? Does it need a little bend off the center and curl up against the existing ring? Does it need to be completely formed and shaped next to the existing ring?

Budget: Try to establish what you can afford to start. This will make your process a little easier. A full set eternity ring will obviously cost more that of a half set. D colour diamonds will cost more than H colour. Platinum costs more than 9k gold.

Always remember: if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

A customer came in and asked if I would buy a ring. I told her that I don’t buy rings but she still showed me the ring it appears that the ring came from a national jewellery chain. As I took it out of the box, I was saddened by the lack of any kind of life in the stones. Yes it was 1/2 caret of diamonds, but the plating was worn off and the stones looked dead. My advise here, just because it says 1/2 caret doesn’t mean that you are getting value. If your budget is tight, go with lesser caret whilst keeping a good clarity.

Time to Make: If you are in a hurry, forgot the birthday gift, or an anniversary as you don’t want something off the shelf. Consider that it will take some time to make. All our eternity rings are made to order, and consider that it make take 2 – 4 weeks to make your ring.

Metal : if your ring is sitting next to an existing ring, their are 2 main schools of thought. One it matches and blends with the existing ring, in which case try and go with a matching gold i.e. 18k white engagement ring go with an 18 eternity ring. The other is to make a statement, i.e. ‘this is my engagement ring, this is my wedding band and THIS is for my first born, in pink gold cos my daughter reminds me of the colour pink’.

Gem Stones and Diamonds ; most used in these rings are diamonds but you can choose almost any stone, from a rubies to an aquamarines. As mentioned before this does somewhat come down to both style and budget. If you cant quite get the feel of how a coloured stone may look, we can get in some of your particular stones and put them in a band for you to have a look. or of course create a digital image for you to see.
With Diamonds as a rule of thumb, you pay for what you get. D colour VS Clarity Diamonds will be more expensive but will look cleaner than H Colour SI Clarity stones. More on stones here.

Settings :  Main setting types are Bead, Claw and Channel, but bevel and flush are also used to a lesser degree. Claw will allow for being able to see around the stone and easier to clean, but will also require that the claws checked regularly (year to 18 months) to make sure they are not becoming weak loose or warn.

Custom made. This is where you style can flow. their is no reason that you have to follow any of the rules. You are an Original. Why not have an original Custom Made Eternity Ring.

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