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Buying Tips for an Eternity Ring

(Posted on Nov 21, 2014 at 05:38AM )

I’ve listed some of the main points about buying or looking at eternity ring.

Eternity Ring Style: This can be the hardest part of the process as so many eternity rings look really fabulous. So this part is mostly about how you feel about the eternity ring. Is it a statement piece you are after? Do you want it to be bold and beautiful? Or is it to nestle in with another ring? It’s your choice! The question now is,  are you bold? understated? or feminine? Whatever you may be, you check out some styles here.

Stand alone: Will the Eternity Ring stand alone or will it be sitting next to another wedding or engagement ring? This part is more about the physical way the ring may sit. Will it fit under? Does it need a little bend off the center and curl up against the existing ring? Does it need to be completely formed and shaped next to the existing ring?

Budget: Try to establish what you can afford to start. This will make your process a little easier. A full set eternity ring will obviously cost more that of a half set. D colour diamonds will cost more than H colour. Platinum costs more than 9k gold.

Always remember: if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

A customer came in and asked if I would buy a ring. I told her that I don’t buy rings but she still showed me the ring it appears that the ring came from a national jewellery chain. As I took it out of the box, I was saddened by the lack of any kind of life in the stones. Yes it was 1/2 caret of diamonds, but the plating was worn off and the stones looked dead. My advise here, just because it says 1/2 caret doesn’t mean that you are getting value. If your budget is tight, go with lesser caret whilst keeping a good clarity.

Time to Make: If you are in a hurry, forgot the birthday gift, or an anniversary as you don’t want something off the shelf. Consider that it will take some time to make. All our eternity rings are made to order, and consider that it make take 2 – 4 weeks to make your ring.

Metal : if your ring is sitting next to an existing ring, their are 2 main schools of thought. One it matches and blends with the existing ring, in which case try and go with a matching gold i.e. 18k white engagement ring go with an 18 eternity ring. The other is to make a statement, i.e. ‘this is my engagement ring, this is my wedding band and THIS is for my first born, in pink gold cos my daughter reminds me of the colour pink’.

Gem Stones and Diamonds ; most used in these rings are diamonds but you can choose almost any stone, from a rubies to an aquamarines. As mentioned before this does somewhat come down to both style and budget. If you cant quite get the feel of how a coloured stone may look, we can get in some of your particular stones and put them in a band for you to have a look. or of course create a digital image for you to see.
With Diamonds as a rule of thumb, you pay for what you get. D colour VS Clarity Diamonds will be more expensive but will look cleaner than H Colour SI Clarity stones. More on stones here.

Settings :  Main setting types are Bead, Claw and Channel, but bevel and flush are also used to a lesser degree. Claw will allow for being able to see around the stone and easier to clean, but will also require that the claws checked regularly (year to 18 months) to make sure they are not becoming weak loose or warn.

Custom made. This is where you style can flow. their is no reason that you have to follow any of the rules. You are an Original. Why not have an original Custom Made Eternity Ring.

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