The Importance Of Digital Marketing (New Releases)

94% of car buyers begin the process online, according to recent estimates, yet most dealerships attribute less than 30% of actual sales to Internet leads. Why the discrepancy? Most consumers do research online but instead of submitting a lead, they decide to call or walk into a dealership when they’re ready to buy. Because of all the research they can do on their own, though, customers today visit only 1.4 dealerships before purchasing a car, down from 4.5 in 2005, according to J.D. Power.

You can’t just have a website with cars on it any more. It might look good but that won’t mean much if you can’t get people to look at it. And in order to do that you need link buildingcitation buildingsite optimizingweb page optimizationblog writing, and social media work.

Local Marketing
There are 100 billion searches a month on Google - 33 million a day. Of the 30 billion mobile searches a year, 12 billion are local. Not enough numbers for you? How’s this - it’s widely expected that in the near future, local searches will account for over half of all mobile searches annually. If you don’t already have a great mobile sight you’re losing ground every day.

Page Ranking

In all searches conducted, 70% of users click on organic results and 53% of the organic search clicks go to the first link. Most importantly, 75% of users never click past the first page. If that stat alone isn’t enough to get you moving, we don’t expect we’ll be seeing you on the first page anytime soon.

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