Twitter began as a social experiment. It was meant to transform the process of blogging, tailoring once lengthy posts into a series of 140 characters. Many baulked at this idea, assuming it would never succeed. Micro-writing, they argued, was too limiting to ever gain public favor. 
Those individuals... were wrong. Twitter now stands as one of the defining social media networks, generating almost 500 million tweets per day. Its impact can’t be denied and its followers are loyal.
Utilizing it within a social strategy is, therefore, imperative--as long as companies take advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.
SEO is the process of increasing a brand’s visibility within search engines and networks. Applying it to Twitter is essential. One Big Broadcast also makes it effortless.
We optimize every Twitter account to generate traffic and interest. Consistent posting, as well as relevant content, develops a consumer following. Character limits are fully maximized, staying within the restrictions of Google, Bing and other search engines (when headlines exceed these restrictions posts are shoved to the back pages, leaving them ignored and unread). Strategic link sharing--integrating every tweet with Facebook, Pinterest and other networks--helps to increase company awareness and traffic. These techniques, along with others, are contained within a One Click console, allowing for total convenience. 
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