Steven Arsenault

As a long-time technology entrepreneur Steven has been involved as a strategic advisor for AT&T and even co-founded a company that developed the world’s first “video on demand” service. But, with the convergence of online messaging technologies, internet marketing, and SEO, Steven truly found his passion. Today he employs that passion to develop cutting-edge solutions that help modern dealerships thrive online today. 

Mimi Klingstat

With a background in creative design and social media marketing, Mimi’s unique skills and talents allow OBB to continually stay ahead of the SEO game. From seeing client’s projects through from idea to completion. To leading the global graphic design team, the creation of all branding, logo creation, digital design, and traditional marketing collateral. Mimi’s creative zest is the spark that keeps OBB running today.

The Team

OBB employs a team of visionary developers who build industry leading social media tools and platforms and content distribution networks. A collection of creative designers who produce one-of-a-kind animations, graphics, and branding. Plus, a team of auto-centric writers that create the fuel to keep the SEO engine running.

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