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Improving your style: Tips for men

(Posted on Dec 21, 2015 at 07:54AM )
In the case of women, rarely will you find a woman who is not following the fashion rules that can make her look stylish. In short almost every woman knows about it and is following it too. However, in the case of men, the equation is opposite.

Men often make the mistake of not opting for the right dress or the right fashion tip that can make them look stylish.
Don’t get me wrong. Men do understand fashion, but not everyone opts for it. In fact, men often make the mistake of choosing the wrong fashion tip for the occasion. If you are one of them, you need some advice that can help you improve your style.
1.    Choosing the right fit: At a number of occasions, men are limited to choices. Yes, the traditional three-piece or two-piece suit is what they wear. However, even though the options are limited, there is a possibility that you might choose the wrong option. How? By not considering the fit of the suit to be important. Know that if the fit is bad, you will attract negative comments. So, make sure that you choose the right fit according to your body shape. For this, it is advised to choose a suit that is tailored for you. Borrowing a suit will always make your suit look imperfect.
2.    Shoes make an impact: It is often said that shoes are something that make a man. So, if you want to be sure that you are looking good, you need to invest your hard-earned money in a good pair of shoes. Talking about shoes, you need to not only look into the looks factor, but it should be comfortable too. This means that if your chosen pair of shoes is not comfortable, you will feel the pinch while wearing it. So, the urge to remove your shoes will be playing on the back of your mind. With this, you will even make unnecessary efforts to let people around you know that you are not comfortable with something. This will happen because the thought in the back of your mind will keep popping up to make you realize the fact that you have made a wrong choice. Also, make sure that you choose a material that can stay with you for a long time. For example, if you are planning to buy leather shoes, make it a point to choose quality leather so that you do not force yourself to look for a new pair of shoes every month.
3.     The ‘ironed’ look: If you are interested in making an impact on the onlookers, you should use this basic trick. Let me tell you that a basic ironed shirt will attract more ‘likes’ as compared to an expensive shirt that is not ironed. Frankly, men often think of ironing their shirts before moving out of their house, but not all of them are smart enough to opt for this choice. There are men who simply pick up a random, good-looking shirt from their cupboard and wear it for office, parties and other places. They assume that they are looking good because of the amazing shirt they are wearing, but the fact is there are many people who are talking behind the person’s back to criticizing his choice. So, don’t let them talk behind your back, for this reason, at least!
4.    Don’t overdo it: If you are confused whether you should wear an extra accessory or look for a totally revived look, it is a good idea to get out of your world of doubts and keep things extremely simple. This means that you can use other tricks and make your simple look get appreciation. However, if you make the mistake of choosing the wrong dress and adding an unnecessary accessory on top of it or an extra layer that can make you look ill, you are planning to fail to impress. Don’t do that and keep it simple, when you are moving around in the world of confusion.
5.    Workout: One may think that this is an unnecessary tip, but it is an important point. So, stay in shape and you will find a dress that looks good on you. Remember, looking good is an option. If you want to look good, you will look good, no matter how many problems are you faced with. So, if you have no workouts in your mind, get in touch with an expert and learn some for a better future.
Improving your style with these tips can change your life positively. These tips are extremely important for those who are interested in having a changeover and are desperate for it. Start with these tips and soon you will have an understanding of how and what should be done next.
For this, if you have to spend a considerable amount, don’t shy away from it. After all, it will help you improve your style in the long run. If you cannot spend some money today on it, you will have to spend ten times the amount calculated today in the future, but it is possible that things might slip out of hands. So, don’t make this mistake and you will be comfortable with your decision.
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