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There is something special about the relationship between people and cars - especially old classics like the Jaguar XK 150.

Born in the days where style and power were still a mystery to most people the planet's love affair with the automoble has grown since the first cars started emerging from early bicycle shops at the turn of the 20th century.

The XK 150 was an equally interesting automobile. Jaguar was on the fringe of an exotic car like Ferrari or Austin Martin but not at the price point that was out of reach for most - but not out of this world makeing Jaguar the distinction of becomming 'an affordable exotic automobile'. Movie stars had already embraced earlier verisons of the 150 as design marvels.

The XK 120 with its swooping lines and pleasing shape wasn't suited for the North American marketplace even though many movie stars owned the car. The XK 150 was larger and roomier with a full wind shield plus roll up windows in all models. Under the hood it had a powerful triple carb engine plus a first in the world four wheel disc braking system - a strategic upgrade that would prove to be a powerful combination for the future of Jaguar racing on the world stage. This combination allowed Jaguar to win the 24 hour Le Mans race in the late '50s several years in a row - something that vehicles with inferior braking technologies just could not compete with.

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