Engaging Teams Of Subject Matter Experts Enhances A Common Vision


Multiple Blogs, Multiple Results

Engaging teams across the enterprise attracts searchSuccess isn’t a singular idea. Instead it’s multi-faceted, with countless elements drawn together to attract the necessary clients. Letting just one blog dictate the tone, message and branding of your website, therefore, is a mistake--and it’s one we intend to rectify.
One Big Broadcast offers a multiple blogs option to every client. Each of these blogs highlights an element of the company (such as sales events, product data and more). These elements are then offered SEO infused content, bolstering both their relevancy and their search engine rankings.
And this is essential.
Consumers are dedicated to search engine shopping. An estimated 49% of all online purchases originate from Google, Bing and similar sources (rather than social networks or basic retailers). A high engine position is imperative, therefore, and multiple blogs allow that to happen.
Through the social integration process, each of these blogs offers consistent content to the right networks. They contribute information that both entices and educates, encouraging readers to return again and again. This increases traffic and, more importantly, it increases sales.
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