Onsite Social communities = Customers for life

Social Communities Redefine the Customer Experience

Social Communities can redefine the customer experience and how businesses interact with their customer base by taking rewards programs, customer service and feedback to a whole new level. Onsite Social Communities shifts customer support and service to being part of the brand marketing mix.
Onsite Communities brings together the customer's voice with data from enterprise systems such as CRM. In addition to other benefits, engaging customers in community also drives transparency and openness - attributes that modern consumers increasingly expect.
In our days of information overload, many people are simplifying their lives to focus on their particular interests.
Creating a private social networking platform connects your loyal like-minded customer base in a single-focus environment, enabling them to exchange ideas and develop groups and ultimately strengthen your customer base.
Social Communities are a perfect platform in which to show your members your appreciation and dedication to serving them by offering members specials on purchases, service and financing all geared toward customer retention and satisfaction.
Companies with private social networks can experience better customer service, reduced customer complaints and even higher brand loyalty due to brand ambassador programs. Think of having a central place in which to read and understand your customers’ concerns, wants, needs and expectations.
 As your community strengthens, your brand’s momentum becomes energized, resulting in increased word-of-mouth marketing and increased sales. The result is a powerful onsite socialcasting platform disseminating these interactions across the social and search spectrum.
Existing will automatically be made members (send e-mail).
New customers will be informed of the community as part of the benefit of doing business with your company.
Site visitors will be invited to join to enjoy member benefits.

Member Benefits:
10% discount on service-Link to make an appointment or contact service or free rental etc.
Discount on car purchases- example $500.00 automatic Discount
Discounts on Extended warranties & Maintenance Contracts
Discounts on financing

Have a monthly drawing for $$$$$ IN Free service that members can entered every month with their e-mail to win to keep members engaged. Take a picture of winners, get testimonial and post to CSP and social sites.
Take pictures of members when they get discounts etc. get testimonials
Website would have a link from the Sblog Page or the member’s profile page for members that is a landing page listing member benefits and an entry form for a monthly drawing for services- sales-etc

Website Product or detail pages would have a call to action to join free of charge to enjoy members benefits immediately.
The benefits are countless and invaluable and cannot be achieved in any other way.

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