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Subject: Test
(Posted on Mar 6, 2012 at 12:26PM )

iPad HD and Apple TV: Will Apple TV make a guest appearance at iPad release party?

Alyshah Hasham Staff Reporter

As the traditional Apple story starts, rumours have it that an upgraded Apple TV will be making an appearance at Wednesday’s launch of the iPad HD.

The wireless digital box allows users to stream shows and movies from iTunes, Netflix and Youtube on their HDTVs, and can sync with folders on a laptop as well.

One indicator is the AppleTV shortages at both Apple stores and third-party retailers reported by MacRumours. The site found 98 per cent U.S. Apple stores are out of stock of the current model of the device.

Meanwhile, 9to5mac.com says sources have confirmed “J33” (the code name for the new Apple TV) will be launching alongside the iPad HD.

And after all, Apple’s media invitation did say, “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” (Emphasis added).

Reuters quotes Jefferies analyst Peter Misek as saying the “see and touch” reference was “very curious.”

But Misek even hazards that Apple could unveil something far more exciting than a product upgrade.

“An upgrade of the Apple TV set-top-box is possible as well as a remote chance for an iTV television set due to a reference to a large screen size,” Misek wrote in a note to clients. He added that there is a possibility Apple could also announce an actual TV product even though it is unfinished.

iTV is the tech rumour mill name for the “integrated television set” that late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was working on according to his biographer Walter Isaacson. The device could allow users to buy and view licensed cable content.

It has been hailed as the potential new disrupting product for the firm, and part of their long awaited invasion of the living room and home entertainment systems.

Last month it was reported that Apple was in talks with Canadian telecom giants Rogers and Bell over a partnership for iTV, however none of the companies have confirmed this.

But, going back to Apple TV, what can we expect from the upgrade?

9to5mac.com says it could have faster processor with a variation of the dual-core A5 chip. This would allow the device to stream 1080p video, and could coincide with the launch of a new 1080p movie service from the iTunes store.

They also mention the possibility of a new Bluetooth remote control and Siri support.