Search (SEO) Marketing

The quest for a perfect marketing platform often seems endless. There is always a new idea to try, a different angle to examine--and these usually fail, undone by poor planning and poorer execution.Occasionally, though, there is a method that works.

Search Marketing is that method.

Search Marketing--which began as the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) principle before eventually evolving--is the promotion of websites through optimization. It utilizes search engines to generate traffic, emphasizing keywords and advertisements to catch the attention of users.

This process was once dismissed. Accusations plagued the original PPC form, with the model supposedly open to click fraud and keyword stuffing. Search Marketing, however, offers a far better alternative... especially when combined with organic SEO. ("natural" or un-paid search results)

Those days however are gone with search companies taking an active role in policing fradulant activities. Today's search marketing is a combination of knowledgable professionals and real time reporting that track your progress and give you insights into people's habits.

Organic SEO is a way to naturally obtain high search engine rankings. It involves consistent content, link building and analytics to develop a brand’s visibility. This makes it an essential element of any social strategy, with support from Search Marketing only strengthening its abilities. The combination of advertisements and integration helps to bolster every brand.

One Big Broadcast offers that combination and more - another layer of automation that allows you to harness Search Marketing results and integrate, monitor and adjust it all into your content marketing strategies.


Social SEO

There are a lot of myths about the best ways to optimize SEO. Most traditional SEO companies downplay the true value of social SEO as part of a cohesive SEO strategy. The reality is that social SEO has never been more effective in improving your online visibility, but can be time-consuming when attempted with an ill-equipped content management platform.

Manage & Control Your SEO Strategy From A Single Dashboard

  •       Every page, micro page, blog, image, video (and those for other devices) of your Internet 'Ecosystem' is SEO important.

  •               Optimize, manage and schedule your SEO page strategy.

  •               Access key areas for detailed updates.

  •               Integrate content delivery for optimum SEO results.

  •               Monitor SEO results in real time to measure the effectiveness of your SEO efforts like a pro.

  •               Make campaign decisions based on deep analytics on people’s behavior.

OneBigBroadcast’s social automation tools integrate social SEO right into the platform and free you of time-consuming multiple updates. This translates to instant increased search results from the moment you start to create content. Our clients have experienced head-scratching results by achieving top organic search rankings, at times topping hundreds of competing search terms with a single update.
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