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Ski .WTF · @ski_wtf

RT @OIS_Olympic: "I am happy with my gold medal. I did my best today. My effort paid off. The Youth Olympics were a lot of fun and I was ha…

jjleiria · @jjleiria

RT @BiciwayPortugal: Este é o Bike Port, estacionamento para bicicletas que passa uma excelente mensagem: Este é um local para bicicletas,…

Ski .WTF · @ski_wtf

RT @matthewd556: The Snowboarding Park at Keppoch Mountain is open. These 3 guys were good enough to pose for this photo at the park. Come…

Reme · @RemeJuan

RT @RemeJuan: Early morning on Eden, nice and easy checking out the fallen trees along the way after thins weekends HEAVY winds... . . #sco

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