Our Founders

Steven Arsenault and Mimi Klingsat

Under the guidance and mentorship of our experienced co-founders, Steven Arsenault and Mimi Klingsat, One Big Broadcast works to effectively meld left-brain analytical thinking with dynamic and innovative right-brain creativity.

steven arsenault one big broadcastSteven is a long time (see: baby boomer) technology entrepreneur. His cache of talent has led him through a virtual gauntlet of Internet and technology based challenges. When cell phones were still being talked about more than talked on, Steven was already helping to shape the global wireless blueprint in his role as a strategy advisor for AT&T Wireless. From there he co-founded a company that developed the world's first "Video on Demand" technology in a partnership with a New Zealand cable corporation. The company and its technology were later sold for more than $400 million.

But it was the Internet where Steven truly found his passion, specializing in messaging technologies, Internet marketing, and SEO tools that consistently delivered overwhelming results for his clients.

One Big Broadcast is the fruition of his many decades of experience and expertise. Under his leadership, One Big Broadcast successfully pioneers the future of Internet marketing.

However, without his better half to steer the ship, Steven’s dream of providing a sophisticated content marketing and distribution engine might not stay on course. On a daily basis, Mimi directs our global graphic design team in all facets of website design, including branding, logo creation, digital material, and traditional marketing collateral.

mimi klingslat one big broadcastMimi's background in creative design and online social media marketing empowers her to put WebStager/One Big Broadcast ahead of the ever changing SEO game, breaking every design mold along the way. She brings her talent for identifying and creating business leads, acquiring new clients, and nurturing long-term business relationships.

This outgoing and energetic duo work together to control our two-sided plan of attack. On one front, we’ve got a team of visionary developers building leading-edge social media tools and custom social networking platforms. On the other, our collection of creative designers produces one-of-a-kind animations, graphics, and branding. Under their guidance, our team produces award winning web looks with high output, automated digital marketing engines. 

We continually develop and maintain the fastest search results on the web while expanding our business with resellers and strategic partners in North, Central and South America, and the European Union.

Why not let us take you and your company to a new realm with us?

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