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The 2021 Ram 1500 Sport Offers Advanced Infotainment to BC, Canada

(Posted on Apr 27, 2021 at 01:07AM by April Klazema)
<a href=""><img src=""alt="2021 Ram 1500 Sport BC Canada"/></a>From daily driving to heavy towing, it's possible to have luxury features at your fingertips. In the new Ram 1500 Sport, the crown jewel of the inviting interior is an infotainment system jam-packed with advanced features.

Featuring a huge 12-inch touchscreen powered by Uconnect® technology, the system features a completely customisable home screen. Create split-screen displays to keep GPS navigation in view while Apple CarPlay or Android Auto controls remain visible and in reach simultaneously.

Pinch and zoom on maps to check directions or integrate your favourite apps into the home screen for quick access to even more features. Can't tap on the touchscreen for an important function? Use the backup analog knobs to make a quick selection. The Ram 1500 Sport's infotainment setup features a user-friendly design and cutting-edge technology.

Enjoy superb infotainment capabilities on or off the beaten path. Contact our friendly team today to learn more and explore our test-drive opportunities to see these innovative features firsthand.

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