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Google is a marketing powerhouse. Every SEO firm recognizes this, shaping content to organic keywords and analytics, trying to capture top page rankings with every post. 

This is a worthwhile strategy. It’s not, however, the only strategy. 

seo company bcInstead there are alternative engines to consider, each providing ways for the best web design companies in BC and beyond to generate traffic.

Google is not, despite what so many users believe, the only search engine available. Instead there are niche options. These represent specialized searches, indexing obscure information and low-competition keywords. They provide ways for the top web design marketing companies to reach local traffic and specialty services, without having to battle for Google supremacy. Their reach is less expansive but it is more detailed. This makes them undeniably valuable.

Consider options like:

Duck Duck Go
The Internet Archive

By utilizing alternative engines, an online marketing company can better define itself, claiming higher page positions and dominating relevant searches.

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The Importance Of SEO Case Studies

(Posted on Jun 16, 2013 at 07:18AM by Lee Byard)

Finding the right online marketing company should be a simple task. Each one, after all, swears to have SEO experience, guaranteeing high search engine rankings and steady traffic. 

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This is an easy promise to make. It’s not, however, an easy promise to keep. Many companies fail to deliver results, with their marketing techniques proving weak at every turn. They can’t succeed. Instead they merely waste time, patience and money.

How can users avoid this frustration? How can they find the best web design companies in BC and beyond? They must rely on case studies.

Before selecting a marketing company, users should be aware of that company’s past. Look for case studies. These are up-to-date examples of what a business can accomplish. They include testimonials, screen-captures, videos and even direct links to search engines and niche networks. They offer proof of SEO practices, explaining how results are earned and what they represent.

This is invaluable, separating the top web design marketing companies from secondhand options. Case studies allow users to make informed decisions, helping to streamline the selection process. No longer stumble from firm to firm. Discover experience and integrity instead.

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