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Why Does SERP Matter To Vancouver Businesses

(Posted on Nov 24, 2013 at 07:22AM by Lee Byard)

vancouver seoOffering superior service isn’t enough to succeed online. Achieving a high SERP rating is also essential.

Digital marketing in Vancouver revolves around the idea of attracting strong search rankings. Why is this so important?

69% of all online users choose results found on the first page of their search engines. 40% of those individuals will only consider using the top three listed links, ignoring other sites entirely. Having a high SERP position guarantees more customers and more sales.

One Big Broadcast wants to help you gain both. Contact us today to learn more about SERP and how our Vancouver SEO tactics will rocket you to the top of Google, Bing and more.

vancouver seoThe Internet is filled with abbreviations. This is a shorthand culture, with entire paragraphs reduced to acronyms and slang. It’s a new language and BC businesses have to master it.

What's the first phrase they need to translate? SERP.

The Search Engine Results Page - more commonly called SERP - reflects a site’s ranking in social hubs like Google or Bing. It’s a series of algorithms and web crawler notations, with all content scanned for SEO reliability and every word defined by three components:

User Popularity

How often do users look for this specific product or service? Sites with broad appeal often fare better than their niche market siblings. This is due to the influx of searches and keyword combinations. Engines catalogue consumer preferences and adjust their rankings accordingly.

Organic Search

Is the text relevant? Will web spiders find a series of backdoor links and keyword strings or will they instead find optimized content? Sites with organic information will see dramatic increases in both rankings and popularity. Engines are now rewarding user-focused pages and actively encourage better - more dynamic - results.

Links and Listings

Are on-site links sponsored (either through affiliations or pay-per-click campaigns)? This is the least favorable option for both search engines and users, and often sites will be penalized for using it. Paid listings harken back to the early days of marketing and show a disregard for modern (white-hat) techniques.

SERP is the most important online abbreviation - because it represents a site’s success. One Big Broadcast understands this, which is why we utilize all available Vancouver SEO strategies to gain higher rankings and stronger results.

To learn how contact us today!

Creating Navigable SEO Sites

(Posted on Nov 24, 2013 at 06:59AM by Lee Byard)

vancouver seoA site that’s unorganized is a site that’s ignored.

Readers demand simplicity. All information must be easily, and neatly, presented. Navigation is key, and BC businesses who lack scannable pages will often find themselves losing customers and sales alike.

The design of a site is just as important as the content. Consider these One Big Broadcast suggestions to redefine your online style:

Employ text links
Use customized navigation buttons
Rely on image maps
Choose drop-down menus or site maps
Place pages under appropriate categories
Create uniform internal links

These elements transform every site from tedious to streamlined. Utilize them for superior digital marketing in Vancouver and to earn customer trust.

Contact One Big Broadcast for other design tips!

Making SEO Content Reader Friendly

(Posted on Nov 24, 2013 at 06:53AM by Lee Byard)

vancouver seoThe need for keywords and optimized content is essential. Successful sites attract web crawlers through persistent, and relevant, postings.

If those postings prove too difficult to read, however, then search engines will be the only ones to see them. Consumers will stay away.

Digital marketing in Vancouver requires simplicity. Optimized sites must be easy to read and easier to scan. This is a 140 character culture. Information must be paired down.

One Big Broadcast understands this, which is why we employ Vancouver SEO design tactics that allow users to quickly, and efficiently, find the information they need. We utilize elements like:

Short, content-rich paragraphs
Bulleted lists
Sans serif fonts for the mobile market
Headings and subheadings
Uniform fonts and alignments

Web designing for a Vancouver audience is necessary for local vendors. Target your customers through strong content and pleasant formatting. One Big Broadcast will show you how. Contact us today to learn more!

Web Design and Vancouver SEO

(Posted on Nov 17, 2013 at 06:35AM by Lee Byard)

seo vancouverA complicated site is an unpopular site. Consumers demand streamlined information and friendly interfaces. They want simple coding that adapts to computers, tablets and mobile browsers, allowing them to search with ease.

One Big Broadcast recognizes this trend toward minimalism, which is why we offer web design tips for Vancouver businesses. Create a site that is optimized for local searches and targeted results:

  • Utilize clean codes that are easily scanned by search bots to increase rankings.

  • Unify images and content with meta tags, title tags, headers and more.

  • Choose accessible HTML.

  • Build consistent URLs.

  • Avoid Flash effects to simplify navigation.

Using these suggestions strengthens digital marketing in Vancouver, providing BC vendors with the content they need and the style their customers expect.

Contact One Big Broadcast to learn more about web design strategies.

Optimizing Web Pages For Local Searches

(Posted on Nov 17, 2013 at 06:27AM by Lee Byard)

seo vancouverDigital marketing in Vancouver requires more than social media saturation. Total site optimization is instead needed.

Optimization dramatically impacts a web site’s performance and power. It propels every page through the engines, allowing them to better target consumers and broaden search results.

One Big Broadcast understands this, which is why we offer a streamlined design for every Vancouver site, helping our customers build their brands through:

  • Reducing server time responses.

  • Avoiding landing page redirects.

  • Prioritizing visible content.

  • Minifying Java, CSS and HTML.

  • Properly formatting and compressing images.

  • Leveraging browser caching.

These simple, but effective, methods promote successful local searches. Contact One Big Broadcast to learn more about web design methods for Vancouver and how to optimize your site.

Google Plus Provides Wider Local Search Capabilities Than Facebook

(Posted on Nov 16, 2013 at 06:51AM by Lee Byard)

seo vancouverFacebook is no longer the only choice for local search.

Google Plus is instead rising through the social media ranks - and it’s because engines can scan and index more content on every page.

Google Plus employs a dynamic search system that allows bots to read up to 2,500 words of content per page. This is a staggering number, especially when compared to Facebook’s 275 word limitation. Sites listed with Google Plus experience broader engine reach, with more keywords and relevant links catching consumer eyes.

This is essential for digital marketing in Vancouver.

Utilizing Google Plus allows BC businesses to expand their brands. More information is catalogued, bolstering page rankings and targeting customers. It effortlessly, and instantly, optimizes every site.

Vancouver SEO has never been simpler.

Learn more about Google Plus. Contact One Big Broadcast today.

Immediate Indexing For Vancouver Businesses

(Posted on Nov 16, 2013 at 06:46AM by Lee Byard)

seo vancouverAn indexed site is a successful site.

This is the cornerstone of digital marketing in Vancouver. BC vendors wanting to expand their consumer circles must saturate the web. Every page should be cataloged, linked and properly ranked.

Google Plus allows that to happen instantaneously.

Despite a series of glitches and gaffes during its inception, Google Plus is becoming a defining force of social media. New users flock every day to its streamlined communities and mobile-friendly formatting. It’s easy to use and easier to enjoy.

It’s also a powerful ally in the quest for Vancouver SEO domination - because Google Plus instantly indexes posts, using real-time methods to filter content to the appropriate engines. Data is crawled and stored, without requiring extensive backlinks or mining. Sites can be referenced without delay, and this increases user search success and social reach.

SEO in Vancouver BC is far simpler with Google Plus. Contact One Big Broadcast to learn more.

The Impact Of YouTube On Local BC Businesses

(Posted on Nov 10, 2013 at 06:34AM by Lee Byard)

seo vancouverYouTube isn’t just a collection of cat clips and sports feats. It’s also proof of social media’s power.

As of 2013:

  • 800 million unique visitors use YouTube each month.

  • 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

  • 4 billion videos are viewed every day.

  • Over 3 billion hours of video are watched every month.

This is the world’s largest media platform, and digital marketing in Vancouver must join the trend.

Utilizing YouTube is an essential part of any Vancouver SEO strategy, allowing companies to target local consumers with relevant videos, popular searches and link-sharing. It builds brand recognition and improves customer relations.

One Big Broadcast understands this, which is why we'll help you better define your business channels and integrate videos into your site. YouTube is a vital component of today’s SEO and we'll show you ways to take advantage of every upload.

Contact One Big Broadcast to learn more!

BC Businesses Claim Local Profiles

(Posted on Nov 10, 2013 at 06:27AM by Lee Byard)

seo vancouverDigital marketing in Vancouver is far more than a series of keywords and landing pages. It’s also the simple, but essential, process of claiming local listing profiles.

Local listing profiles - like Google Plus or Yahoo Local - are vital parts of every Vancouver SEO strategy. These options allow businesses to stake a geographic and geocached claim on the Internet, directing searches toward them. They solidify addresses, emails, phone numbers and web sites. They also strengthen brand recognition, helping to generate higher page rankings and target consumers.

Refusing to claim an online profile is, therefore, a mistake.

Verify every local listing. Let One Big Broadcast show you how. We’ll launch profiles on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Bebo and more. This will better define your business and stimulate local searches.

Contact One Big Broadcast to learn more!

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