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Subject: NaKed Brand Group Is The Next Big Thing In Undergarments (stock symbol: NAKD)
(Posted on Aug 22, 2013 at 04:00AM ) Tags:

naked underwear stockFor the last 14 years, Tobin Smith has been an exclusive contributor and market analyst for Fox News and guest anchor for Fox Business Network.

Author of New York Times best-seller "ChangeWave Investing," Smith is the founder of ChangeWave Research and is a founding member of InvestorPlace Media, one of the world's largest investment research publishers.

Now Tobin is bringing you the "Next Big Thing" as founder and Chief Research Officer of NBT Equities Research. Click here to watch an exclusive interview between Tobin and Joel Primus of Naked Brand Group, Inc. (NAKD)

Tobin’s most recent emerging growth triple digit profit winners for 2012 include:

MIMV: +338%
VELA: +571%
PSON: +130%
PLSB: +306%
GLYE: +208%
LUXR: +256%
UNXL: +345%

Look below to see what else Tobin has said about NaKed Brand Group, INC:

naked underwear stock