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Subject: Wall Street Investigator Naked Group INC
(Posted on Aug 13, 2013 at 06:44PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandMen’s fashion is a divisive market and the companies within it are constantly battling each other, trying to secure profits and sector growth. It’s not an easy task. NAKD brand group INC, however, has managed to earn steady gross margins. The reason is premium marketing.

Naked Underwear - represented as NAKED brand US OTC stock on Wall Street - commands high prices for its goods. As of this writing, a pair of boxer brief sells for $36.00. Compare this to products from Fruit of the Loom or Hanes, which are typically sold for $8.00. This difference is startling and may seem counterproductive, with Naked unable to earn such high totals.

The company can, however, and does. Due to the quality of its wares, Naked can easily increase its costs. Consumers are willing to pay more for superior stitching and fabrics. This secures high gross margins each quarter, allowing both the NAKD brand US OTC stock to rise and the company to dominate its niche market. It has no competition.

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