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Subject: Naked Underwear Follows Under Armour’s Stock Trend
(Posted on Aug 12, 2013 at 06:34PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandUnder Armour is far more than an athletic apparel store, providing men and women with comfortable, but still stylish, clothing. It’s instead a Wall Street wonder, generating steady stock price.It also serves as an inspiration for NAKD brand group INC.

Under Armour’s stock did not impress when it first arrived on the exchange. It was traded for $5.97 a share, reflecting the company’s unknown status. As the months passed, however, consumers began to flock to the store and its price rose. Eventually it earned a spectacular $60.96, a value increase of over 1000%.

The NAKD brand US OTC stock shares many similarities with Under Armour. It’s entered Wall Street with minimal recognition and it promotes quality goods for a niche market. As the brand becomes more familiar across North America investors will take notice - and this could lead to massive profits for the Naked Underwear stock.

History often repeats itself, and the Naked brand group INC stock quote may just mimic the pattern set by Under Armour.