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Subject: Naked Underwear Bolsters Stock With Premium Fabrics
(Posted on Aug 8, 2013 at 03:17PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandThe quality of a product determines the value of its stock. Naked Underwear - known as NAKD brand group INC - recognizes this, which is why it only offers premium fabrics to its customers.

Many men’s apparel companies rely on harsh fibers, content with standard stitching and designs. Naked Underwear is not one of those companies, as proven by its vast selection of goods and the NAKD brand US OTC stock strength. It utilizes high quality fabrics for every piece. These options - such as Italian micromodal or pima cotton - embrace anti-friction, anti-odor and even anti-bacterial properties. They are soft to the touch and resilient against tears. This makes them a worthwhile investment for consumers.

It also makes the Naked Underwear stock a worthwhile investment for traders. They understand the correlation between sterling goods and sterling profits. The NAKED OTC US stock could very well follow.