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Subject: Naked Underwear Utilizes Brand Centric Philosophy
(Posted on Aug 7, 2013 at 10:28AM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandEarning consumer trust is no simple task. Companies must offer quality goods, sterling service and names that are instantly recognizable. Naked underwear now follows this advice. It’s brand-centric, much to the delight of early NAKD brand US OTC stock investors.

A brand-centric company, simply explained, is one that relies on public opinion, building a strong reputation and becoming synonymous with its own name. Fashion icons like Calvin Klein or Armani embrace this - and so does NAKD brand group INC. 

This company is transforming itself into more than boxers and briefs. It’s instead developing an international brand, gaining consumer interest as well as steady sales. Clever marketing already links its name with high-fashion wares, and the NAKED OTC US stock will soon reflect this. 

Brand-centric companies always make an impression on Wall Street. The Naked underwear stock will be no different. It will instead increase.