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Subject: Naked Underwear Shows Early Signs Of Success, Much Like Lot78 Inc
(Posted on Aug 7, 2013 at 10:19AM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandLot78 arrived on Wall Street with little celebration. This urban apparel company boasted weak 0.75 shares and a brand few brokers had heard of. Within three months, however, its stocks soared, reaching a staggering $18.30 per unit. This left many traders reeling - as well as hurrying to buy all they could.

NAKD brand group INC is not identical to Lot78. Their consumer bases differ, and their style sensibilities are unique. The Naked underwear stock, however, seems to be following Lot78’s Wall Street footsteps. Its beginnings are less than inspiring - falling below the $1.00 mark - but its potential is without end. The company is quickly gaining recognition on the market. International venues promote its products, while established media outlets offer wide coverage. It’s earning a place among men’s fashion, and analysts are taking notice.

This could lead to strong profits in the future, with the NAKD brand US OTC stock exceeding even Lot78’s high earnings. Success seems certain.

Investors should monitor the Naked brand group INC stock quote carefully. It’s soon to rise.