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Subject: Naked Underwear Stock Will Rise As Company Evolves
(Posted on Aug 5, 2013 at 03:52PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandThe Naked underwear stock has the potential to expand greatly within the coming years.

NAKD brand group INC has already demonstrated an understanding of what consumers want. This has led to a strong presence in the media and in stores. The company is not content to rest, however. It’s instead transforming and with that comes higher profits for the NAKED OTC US stock.

Distribution within European and Asian markets has already been planned, and over 300 stores within North America have recently agreed to stock Naked briefs, trunks and apparel.

They are setting up to launch two new lines this Fall: Naked Silver and Naked Tencel.

Much similar to other specialized apparel companies, the Naked Silver line has tapped into silver thread technologies to maximize the garment abilities in anti-odor, anti-chaffing, moisture wicking and more features that especially benefit customers with an active lifestyle.

Naked Tencel is expanding upon the company's position as an environmentally conscious underwear line. The products are made from Tencel (a natural, made-made fiber that's derived from wood pulp) and created using environmentally sustainable processes that only produce 1% waste.

Entering a brand new market, Naked underwear will soon launch a much anticipated women’s line, hoping take hold of part of the $60 billion arena.

Change is a wonderful thing.