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Subject: Naked Underwear Shares Stock Similarity With True Religion
(Posted on Aug 3, 2013 at 01:03PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandTrue Religion is a denim empire. Since its arrival in 2002 it has become synonymous with chic designs and quality stitching, attracting premium prices in stores and online. Its Wall Street origins, however, were less than noteworthy. The brand arrived on the market at a paltry .50 a share. It seemed destined to fail - until consumers discovered the company and demanded a full jean line. Stock prices rose accordingly, with investors then spending $37.82 for a single share.

As of this article, the Naked brand group INC stock quote is $1.00. That number is less than inspiring. As True Religion demonstrated, however, humble beginnings can transform into spectacular ends. Those who invested a mere $500 in True Religion at its start, for example, later saw their investment reach a staggering $37,820 - a significant gain!

It’s this profit margin that makes the NAKED OTC US stock. Their dedication to high fashion and higher quality makes them appealing to consumers. The NAKD brand group INC should, therefore, exceed all expectations.