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Subject: Naked Underwear Prospers From North American Media
(Posted on Aug 2, 2013 at 04:23PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandThe power of the media is undeniable. Consumers gather around their tablets and televisions, relying on the press for information. Naked apparel has received significant media attention, people are talking about the product everywhere from The View to Men's Health and more. 

The company has been promoted on powerhouse North American networks, such as ABC and CBS. It has also been linked to esteemed print outlets, like The New York Times and Esquire. This market saturation has led to greater public awareness, which results in the Naked brand group INC stock quote moving forward.

As this men’s fashion line defines itself, media attention could impact the rise of the NAKED OTC US stock  and make it a strong contender for early investors.