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Subject: Naked Apparel Offers Potential Acquisition Profits
(Posted on Aug 2, 2013 at 04:08PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandStocks are rarely simple. Instead they’re defined by potential profits: trades that might occur, mergers that might transpire. It’s a series of assumptions, and NAKD brand group INC may benefit from those assumptions.

As the NAKED OTC US stock continues to gain momentum on Wall Street, other companies will soon notice. The market for men’s fashion is broad, but few products earn premium prices. Naked apparel has those products, which makes it attractive to others. Future acquisition offers are entirely possible.

The company has increasing sales and a 45% profit margin - which is higher than commodity products. Naked apparel uses environmentally conscious fabrics in their products and take actions to ensure global environmental standards such as Bluesign, Oeko-tex 100, and the Better Cotton Initiatives programs.

This translates into a much stronger Naked brand group INC stock quote, with early investors reaping the rewards. Profits have the potential to rise quickly and consistently.