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Subject: NaKed Brand Group Is The Next Big Thing In Undergarments (stock symbol: NAKD)
(Posted on Aug 22, 2013 at 04:00AM ) Tags:

naked underwear stockFor the last 14 years, Tobin Smith has been an exclusive contributor and market analyst for Fox News and guest anchor for Fox Business Network.

Author of New York Times best-seller "ChangeWave Investing," Smith is the founder of ChangeWave Research and is a founding member of InvestorPlace Media, one of the world's largest investment research publishers.

Now Tobin is bringing you the "Next Big Thing" as founder and Chief Research Officer of NBT Equities Research. Click here to watch an exclusive interview between Tobin and Joel Primus of Naked Brand Group, Inc. (NAKD)

Tobin’s most recent emerging growth triple digit profit winners for 2012 include:

MIMV: +338%
VELA: +571%
PSON: +130%
PLSB: +306%
GLYE: +208%
LUXR: +256%
UNXL: +345%

Look below to see what else Tobin has said about NaKed Brand Group, INC:

naked underwear stock

Subject: Wall Street Investigator Naked Group INC
(Posted on Aug 13, 2013 at 06:44PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandMen’s fashion is a divisive market and the companies within it are constantly battling each other, trying to secure profits and sector growth. It’s not an easy task. NAKD brand group INC, however, has managed to earn steady gross margins. The reason is premium marketing.

Naked Underwear - represented as NAKED brand US OTC stock on Wall Street - commands high prices for its goods. As of this writing, a pair of boxer brief sells for $36.00. Compare this to products from Fruit of the Loom or Hanes, which are typically sold for $8.00. This difference is startling and may seem counterproductive, with Naked unable to earn such high totals.

The company can, however, and does. Due to the quality of its wares, Naked can easily increase its costs. Consumers are willing to pay more for superior stitching and fabrics. This secures high gross margins each quarter, allowing both the NAKD brand US OTC stock to rise and the company to dominate its niche market. It has no competition.

Follow the Naked brand group INC

Subject: Naked Underwear Follows Under Armour’s Stock Trend
(Posted on Aug 12, 2013 at 06:34PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandUnder Armour is far more than an athletic apparel store, providing men and women with comfortable, but still stylish, clothing. It’s instead a Wall Street wonder, generating steady stock price.It also serves as an inspiration for NAKD brand group INC.

Under Armour’s stock did not impress when it first arrived on the exchange. It was traded for $5.97 a share, reflecting the company’s unknown status. As the months passed, however, consumers began to flock to the store and its price rose. Eventually it earned a spectacular $60.96, a value increase of over 1000%.

The NAKD brand US OTC stock shares many similarities with Under Armour. It’s entered Wall Street with minimal recognition and it promotes quality goods for a niche market. As the brand becomes more familiar across North America investors will take notice - and this could lead to massive profits for the Naked Underwear stock.

History often repeats itself, and the Naked brand group INC stock quote may just mimic the pattern set by Under Armour.

Subject: Naked Underwear Enters Men’s Swimwear Market
(Posted on Aug 11, 2013 at 06:24PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandMen’s swimwear is defined by two styles - the baggy American boardshort or the revealing European trunk. These options are as extreme in their differences as they are unsatisfying in their qualities. NAKD brand group INC now seeks to reinvent beach fashion, however, and Wall Street is already preparing for the change.

 In 2014 the company will launch a collection for men, bridging the gap between shorts and trunks. It will combine quality fabrics with comfortable fits, elevating every bathing suit. Public response is expected to be positive, and the NAKED OTC US stock should see impressive gains in the spring.

Investors wishing to transform their 2014 portfolios are encouraged to purchase NAKD brand US OTC stock soon - and then go to the beach.

Subject: Naked Underwear Launching New Line At Holt Renfrew
(Posted on Aug 10, 2013 at 01:44PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandHolt Renfrew boasts Canada’s finest men’s apparel, emphasizing luxury brands and premium goods. It surprised no one, therefore, when the company offered NAKD brand group INC a place on its shelves - just as it surprised no one when high sales were then achieved. A recent announcement of a new men’s line is certain to bolster those sales even further, however, and raise the Naked OTC US stock.

Naked underwear will soon offer a more affordable Pima line. This collection of cotton crew-necks and v-necks will be available to younger customers, allowing the brand to attract a different demographic. This has many traders on Wall Street celebrating, knowing that future profits will strengthen the Naked underwear stock. Investing now is highly recommended.

As Naked increases its inventory and consumer base - as well as continues to attract venues like Holt Renfrew - the NAKD brand US OTC stock has bright days ahead. 

Subject: Naked Underwear Part Of Growing Vertical Market
(Posted on Aug 9, 2013 at 01:35PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandMen’s fashion - specifically men’s underwear - is an ever-expanding vertical market. Brokers and investors alike now recognize its potential, just as they recognize the potential of NAKD brand group INC.

From 2011 to 2012 men’s fashion sales jumped 13%. This statistic, as reported by global information group NPD, proves an increase in public interest and a strong possibility for profits. Apparel is on the rise and the NAKED OTC US stock is predicted to rise with it.

The Naked underwear stock offers traders a way to enter a steady market, as well as increase their portfolios. The company, after all, experienced a 193% year over year growth from 2012 to 2013. This allows it to not only keep pace with men’s fashion but also exceed all competitors. The Naked brand group INC stock quote will soon adjust accordingly.

Subject: Naked Underwear Bolsters Stock With Premium Fabrics
(Posted on Aug 8, 2013 at 03:17PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandThe quality of a product determines the value of its stock. Naked Underwear - known as NAKD brand group INC - recognizes this, which is why it only offers premium fabrics to its customers.

Many men’s apparel companies rely on harsh fibers, content with standard stitching and designs. Naked Underwear is not one of those companies, as proven by its vast selection of goods and the NAKD brand US OTC stock strength. It utilizes high quality fabrics for every piece. These options - such as Italian micromodal or pima cotton - embrace anti-friction, anti-odor and even anti-bacterial properties. They are soft to the touch and resilient against tears. This makes them a worthwhile investment for consumers.

It also makes the Naked Underwear stock a worthwhile investment for traders. They understand the correlation between sterling goods and sterling profits. The NAKED OTC US stock could very well follow.

Subject: Naked Underwear Enters Men’s Sleepwear Market
(Posted on Aug 8, 2013 at 03:09PM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandMen’s sleepwear is traditionally defined by mediocre pants and shirts. The quality is weak and the style is lacking. Naked Underwear - known as NAKD brand US OTC stock on the exchange - now offers an alternative, however, with its lounge products.

Naked Underwear introduces sleepwear for men. These shirts and pants offer Italian micromodal fibers and precise craftsmanship, while their modern shapes impress. They boast premium stitching, and their comfort can’t be denied. This allows the NAKD brand group INC to redefine the market.

And traders are taking notice, watching the Naked Underwear stock carefully as these products reach North American consumers. They anticipate considerable gains in the future, making the NAKED OTC US stock a worthwhile investment.

Subject: Naked Underwear Utilizes Brand Centric Philosophy
(Posted on Aug 7, 2013 at 10:28AM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandEarning consumer trust is no simple task. Companies must offer quality goods, sterling service and names that are instantly recognizable. Naked underwear now follows this advice. It’s brand-centric, much to the delight of early NAKD brand US OTC stock investors.

A brand-centric company, simply explained, is one that relies on public opinion, building a strong reputation and becoming synonymous with its own name. Fashion icons like Calvin Klein or Armani embrace this - and so does NAKD brand group INC. 

This company is transforming itself into more than boxers and briefs. It’s instead developing an international brand, gaining consumer interest as well as steady sales. Clever marketing already links its name with high-fashion wares, and the NAKED OTC US stock will soon reflect this. 

Brand-centric companies always make an impression on Wall Street. The Naked underwear stock will be no different. It will instead increase.

Subject: Naked Underwear Shows Early Signs Of Success, Much Like Lot78 Inc
(Posted on Aug 7, 2013 at 10:19AM ) Tags:

naked underwear brandLot78 arrived on Wall Street with little celebration. This urban apparel company boasted weak 0.75 shares and a brand few brokers had heard of. Within three months, however, its stocks soared, reaching a staggering $18.30 per unit. This left many traders reeling - as well as hurrying to buy all they could.

NAKD brand group INC is not identical to Lot78. Their consumer bases differ, and their style sensibilities are unique. The Naked underwear stock, however, seems to be following Lot78’s Wall Street footsteps. Its beginnings are less than inspiring - falling below the $1.00 mark - but its potential is without end. The company is quickly gaining recognition on the market. International venues promote its products, while established media outlets offer wide coverage. It’s earning a place among men’s fashion, and analysts are taking notice.

This could lead to strong profits in the future, with the NAKD brand US OTC stock exceeding even Lot78’s high earnings. Success seems certain.

Investors should monitor the Naked brand group INC stock quote carefully. It’s soon to rise.

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