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Innovation is at the core of OBBAuto. It’s necessary to get ahead of the automotive marketing game. Nothing displays our inventive values as well as our Showroom NXT.

Showroom NXT embraces a One Click principle, dynamically using strong sponsor tools.  Coupled with advanced social integration, Showroom NXT’s platform uploads content while giving you real-time feedback with analytics. It’s a system that is constantly measuring the success of your content, so you don’t have to.

This platform has a rich toolbox of features. Sponsor features include full sponsor/supplier profile, unlimited media upload, Broadcast blog, Social integration API with Facebook and Twitter, and a timesaving scheduled publishing tool.

But what does this mean for you? These tools ensure increased site traffic, while bolstering communities and raising brand awareness. And with the aforementioned analytics, you will always be informed, granting you a higher understanding of what works for you.

With Showroom NXT, you aren’t getting a single tool; you’re getting the complete package. 

The Auto Dealer Industry is a thriving business, but the online space is crowded; raising your visibility in this environment is a difficult task. Having your business at the top of search engines is the key to success, a challenging feat for any business owner.

Luckily, OBBAuto is here to help. 

With many innovative features, OBBAuto has the tools that enable online exposure on a massive scale. Raising your business to the top of online search engines is our specialty.
Harnessing the power of SEO and SMO automation with the power of one click, our intricate systems will propel any business to success.

OBBAuto operates using features that go beyond expectations in today’s competitive marketplace, allowing complete control over many tools such as Events Marketing, One Click Broadcasting, Social Networking Communities, and Real-time Data Tools, all with a creative, innovative design. It’s simple and easy to use, and most importantly, it casts a wide net, engaging multiple faucets of the web with ease.

Overall, it’s a fine-tuned marketing machine. A machine specifically made for Auto Dealers, a machine which takes advantage of the online marketplace, and most importantly, a machine that gets results, fast.