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RackSpace Commands Best Cloud Provider Spot by Forrester Research.

(Posted on Jun 4, 2013 at 10:32AM )
SEO Automation Platform with Rackspace.After reading about this it seemed like a great idea that our SEO Automation Platform is using RackSpace!

A recent article in talks about RackSpace and Forrester:

Rackspace finds place as one of the Best Cloud Provider by Forrester Research Inc.

"Rackspace attain highest scores among eight (8) other contenders in planned enhancements and third party eco-system areas."

Today’s Internet service is way important. When it comes to a company’s Internet presence although it seems that a web site can be created by just about anyone and there are providers galore, when a web site goes dark it is almost as  bad back in the day when phone service went out.

Years ago (and still today) phone companies created systems that became known as ‘telephone quality’ meaning that a phone company’s systems carrying telephone calls had so many redundancies and were built so well that they just didn’t fail. If systems did fail there were backups that auto switched over so the end use never knew there were issues and the phone service stayed up.

In many ways our SEO Automation Platforms are like this. We run on a strong cloud powered platform like RackSpace – in fact the best according to Forrester. Our layers of applications are thousands of applications all working together to deliver measurable results. That’s why our overall content marketing platforms are so effective.

Today phones have switched to the Internet and cloud service is the way to go. Using a cloud means software as a service for applications that were once unheard of but the most important thing about cloud is the speed of updates. As your vendor comes up with new features – those features become part of  the fabric of new ways of running your business.

It’s no mistake that OneBigBroadcast’s SEO Automation Platform needs to run on a platform that stays up all the time. Companies that use our platform depend on it for powering their search position, auto inventories, ecommerce to food production and communication with food producers.

We are proud to have based the development of our Content Marketing  Platforms and our SEO Automation Tools on a great platform like RackSpace.

Social Success via Search

(Posted on May 22, 2013 at 05:44AM )
For years I’ve been chirping about how one of the things companies and SEO professionals can do is use social to help with their search rankings. The theory seemed solid back in 2007 when I discovered this. Back then I started experimenting with Twitter news feeds linked to our social networking sites. Back then Twitter was way new (launched in 2006) but rumor had it that Google was indexing it. That was enough for me so we connected it to one of our social networks.

That was enough for me. We experienced linking and high SERPs while harnessing social sites like Twitter. So much so that is became the foundation of OneBigBroadcast.

Social Success via Search on ClickZNow that supporting research and topics like this are starting to surface the concept of an all in one platform designed to harness, schedule and manage content distribution while harnessing social from layers of social APIs in common platform like One Big Broadcast starts to make a lot of sense in terms of an ‘SEO Engine’.

“One of the biggest things an organization can do is leverage social to propagate its materials throughout the web and add weight to them in organic search. These materials can include articles, white papers, infographics, images, coupons - basically any thought leadership or promotional content.”
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