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Innovation is at the core of OBBAuto. It’s necessary to get ahead of the automotive marketing game. Nothing displays our inventive values as well as our Showroom NXT.

Showroom NXT embraces a One Click principle, dynamically using strong sponsor tools.  Coupled with advanced social integration, Showroom NXT’s platform uploads content while giving you real-time feedback with analytics. It’s a system that is constantly measuring the success of your content, so you don’t have to.

This platform has a rich toolbox of features. Sponsor features include full sponsor/supplier profile, unlimited media upload, Broadcast blog, Social integration API with Facebook and Twitter, and a timesaving scheduled publishing tool.

But what does this mean for you? These tools ensure increased site traffic, while bolstering communities and raising brand awareness. And with the aforementioned analytics, you will always be informed, granting you a higher understanding of what works for you.

With Showroom NXT, you aren’t getting a single tool; you’re getting the complete package. 

The Auto Dealer Industry is a thriving business, but the online space is crowded; raising your visibility in this environment is a difficult task. Having your business at the top of search engines is the key to success, a challenging feat for any business owner.

Luckily, OBBAuto is here to help. 

With many innovative features, OBBAuto has the tools that enable online exposure on a massive scale. Raising your business to the top of online search engines is our specialty.
Harnessing the power of SEO and SMO automation with the power of one click, our intricate systems will propel any business to success.

OBBAuto operates using features that go beyond expectations in today’s competitive marketplace, allowing complete control over many tools such as Events Marketing, One Click Broadcasting, Social Networking Communities, and Real-time Data Tools, all with a creative, innovative design. It’s simple and easy to use, and most importantly, it casts a wide net, engaging multiple faucets of the web with ease.

Overall, it’s a fine-tuned marketing machine. A machine specifically made for Auto Dealers, a machine which takes advantage of the online marketplace, and most importantly, a machine that gets results, fast. 
Subject: RackSpace Commands Best Cloud Provider Spot by Forrester Research.
(Posted on Jun 4, 2013 at 10:32AM by Steven Arsenault) Tags:
SEO Automation Platform with Rackspace.After reading about this it seemed like a great idea that our SEO Automation Platform is using RackSpace!

A recent article in talks about RackSpace and Forrester:

Rackspace finds place as one of the Best Cloud Provider by Forrester Research Inc.

"Rackspace attain highest scores among eight (8) other contenders in planned enhancements and third party eco-system areas."

Today’s Internet service is way important. When it comes to a company’s Internet presence although it seems that a web site can be created by just about anyone and there are providers galore, when a web site goes dark it is almost as  bad back in the day when phone service went out.

Years ago (and still today) phone companies created systems that became known as ‘telephone quality’ meaning that a phone company’s systems carrying telephone calls had so many redundancies and were built so well that they just didn’t fail. If systems did fail there were backups that auto switched over so the end use never knew there were issues and the phone service stayed up.

In many ways our SEO Automation Platforms are like this. We run on a strong cloud powered platform like RackSpace – in fact the best according to Forrester. Our layers of applications are thousands of applications all working together to deliver measurable results. That’s why our overall content marketing platforms are so effective.

Today phones have switched to the Internet and cloud service is the way to go. Using a cloud means software as a service for applications that were once unheard of but the most important thing about cloud is the speed of updates. As your vendor comes up with new features – those features become part of  the fabric of new ways of running your business.

It’s no mistake that OneBigBroadcast’s SEO Automation Platform needs to run on a platform that stays up all the time. Companies that use our platform depend on it for powering their search position, auto inventories, ecommerce to food production and communication with food producers.

We are proud to have based the development of our Content Marketing  Platforms and our SEO Automation Tools on a great platform like RackSpace.
Subject: SEO Automation Platforms and Content Marketing Platform’s Role in The New Creative Economy.
(Posted on May 31, 2013 at 06:27AM by Steven Arsenault) Tags:
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

The above statement is the opening quote for an article in Forbes Magazine called ‘The Management Revolution That's Already Happening’

The article points out what I agree has already happened to the business landscape – but most people are unaware of it and still floundering around – the 20th Century style of business is out the window. We’ve proven that manufacturing goods off shore have destroyed business’ ability to be innovative and achieve nothing but cheap products that have damaged the economy.

Social platforms have turned the tables on business allowing consumers to openly and easily communicate with each other and dictate their ultimate buying decisions while at the same time traditional media is taking a back seat to new forms of communication like the Internet and mobile.

The old economy is giving way to the new creative economy where innovation, fast moving markets and pioneering of new products and services is the norm. We see it all around us and its being adopted fast.

What excites me about this new economy is that companies large and small are going to have to turn to SEO automation platforms like OneBigBroadcast to manage, schedule and launch and measure the effectiveness of their new campaigns on an on going basis  to keep up and pull ahead the rest of the companies coming up with new products in this exciting new creative economy.

Viva the Creative Economy!
Subject: Social Success via Search
(Posted on May 22, 2013 at 05:44AM by Steven Arsenault) Tags:
For years I’ve been chirping about how one of the things companies and SEO professionals can do is use social to help with their search rankings. The theory seemed solid back in 2007 when I discovered this. Back then I started experimenting with Twitter news feeds linked to our social networking sites. Back then Twitter was way new (launched in 2006) but rumor had it that Google was indexing it. That was enough for me so we connected it to one of our social networks.

That was enough for me. We experienced linking and high SERPs while harnessing social sites like Twitter. So much so that is became the foundation of OneBigBroadcast.

Social Success via Search on ClickZNow that supporting research and topics like this are starting to surface the concept of an all in one platform designed to harness, schedule and manage content distribution while harnessing social from layers of social APIs in common platform like One Big Broadcast starts to make a lot of sense in terms of an ‘SEO Engine’.

“One of the biggest things an organization can do is leverage social to propagate its materials throughout the web and add weight to them in organic search. These materials can include articles, white papers, infographics, images, coupons - basically any thought leadership or promotional content.”
Subject: Do You Showroom - Attracting Your Online Customer
(Posted on Mar 22, 2013 at 11:23AM ) Tags:
Mobile phones a big factor in show rooming behaviourShowrooming by definition is when a shopper physically visits a bricks and mortar retail store to check out a product, and then purchases the product online from home at a lower cost. Fewer than 10% of ‘Showroom Shoppers’ buy from the same ‘bricks and mortar’ website. How can a bricks and mortar retailer survive when they are losing more than 90% of committed shoppers?
Retailers possess a wide variety of new tools available to engage potential customers and build relationships. Such relationships can be established through a social media strategy. By listening to the customer through data metrics, successful retailers can provide custom tailored offers through instant couponing (QR Codes, SMS and email messaging). All of this can be automated resulting in increased sales at higher margins. A key benefit to an effective implementation is customer retention and loyalty. Price is not the sole purchase criteria for all customers. Creditability, warranties, and product bundling are all factors that influence customer behavior. Customers need a reason to stay engaged.
A well-executed social media engagement program can build loyalty through online communities. Many retailers have challenges creating content. An effective social community will create content through customer involvement. When customers are engaged with you they are not listening to your competition. By measuring online activity, successful retailers will know which topics are of interest. Imagine the positive results if you knew what made each customer tick. Engaged customers are loyal customers.
Bricks and mortar retailers need to fight back. Old methods are delivering ‘free customers, to online sites. Platforms such as provide the tools from content creation to data metrics to guide retailers to successful strategies to drive revenue and bottom line results.  Today’s technology has changed customer behavior forever. This paradigm shift provides opportunity for some, yet creates chaos for others. All successful retailers will use data metrics to understand what customers want. This is the new reality.

Subject: A Paradigm Shift in Behaviour is Creating Opportunity
(Posted on Mar 21, 2013 at 04:26PM ) Tags:
Social media is having a disruptive impact as consumer behaviour evolves. Organizations are finding that traditional marketing programs are no longer effective in generating sales or building customer loyalty. Traditional programs are at best, a guess accompanied by long “wait times” to determine results while successful organizations are creating change through proactive consumer engagement. Customers are increasingly using their phones to shop and have conversations through social media to voice their desires and concerns. Market response times have vaporized as all of this new activity is taking place in real-time.

Market leading organizations are seizing new opportunities by increasing their utilization of social media to communicate to their customer base (active and prospective). Their ability to respond or create an opportunity is increasing everyday as consumers embrace this new reality. The challenge for many organizations is the manpower required to manage an effective social media program has becoming overwhelming. Who has time on an ongoing basis to check Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest and then to respond? In a large organization, this is now and entire department. Further, this trend now requires successful organizations to harmonize social communications within their brand and marketing strategy. Who is in charge? Should the agency get involved?  Should it be re-organized?

Social media has passed the tipping point creating a paradigm shift.... a change from one way of thinking to another. It's a revolution, a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis driven by agents of change.  Successful organizations understand that the secret to social media success isn't in talking - it's in listening. Within this context, social media is quickly becoming the leading component of marketing communications and promotional messaging.

New platforms are emerging in the marketplace that enable automated social broadcasting. By automating task intensive functions (Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest), successful organizations are reducing cost and are better able to focus on content creation. Coupled with data analytics, successful organizations are able to measure and fine-tune the effectiveness of their messaging (content, frequency and timing). Automated social broadcasting is driving search by linking social media which in turn is reducing (and often eliminating) the requirement and cost associated with traditional SEO. That’s right … all that money you are spending on SEO needs to be redeployed to effective social media engagement. An effective social media plan will drive search. The game is changing for all of us. The only roadblocks we face are the inability to recognize that we are in the midst of a Paradigm Shift.

Properly executed and maintained, organizations can develop a comprehensive foundation for providing a ROI model for all marketing programs by linking them to social media initiatives. Consult, execute, measure and adjust on an ongoing basis is the platform for future success in an increasingly changing market. Building a relationship with your customers and prospects means they are busy communicating with you and not your competitor. Out of chaos comes opportunity. The secret to business success isn't in talking - it's in listening. That sounds like something from the 70's ... the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Just the tools have changed. The rules are the same.
Subject: Top Search Engine Optimization Companies Vancouver
(Posted on Feb 28, 2013 at 09:44AM ) Tags:

Exceptional methods deliver exceptional results: this is the truth of marketing. Standard fare no longer courts consumers. Instead search engines are needed to generate traffic and sales. 

The proof is in the statistics.

According to Experian Marketing Services, search engines dominated the final quarter of 2012, claiming 49% of consumer shopping. This is a staggering number, especially when compared to the 16% of users who relied on classified sites and the 12% who utilized email services to find products. Other options, such as portal pages and directories, carved out even smaller niches (at 4% and 3%, respectively).

Too often do companies ignore the potential of search engines. Social media--networking, video posting, blogging and more--tends to capture their attention and rightly so. This method helps to develop brands, inspires trust and opens the lines of communication between businesses and consumers. It’s undeniably useful. Trying to channel consumer shopping through it, therefore, seems logical. 

Experian Marketing Services, however, offers a different view: less than ten percent of overall sales traffic is generated from social media. In 2012, Facebook offered 3.8%; Amazon managed 1.5%; YouTube struggled to rise above 1%.

And companies that relied purely of social networking saw their traffic tumble and their profits stagnate. 

It becomes imperative, therefore, to create a strong search engine presence. While social media should be employed, sites like Google, Bing and others are essential. One Big Broadcast helps to take advantage of these engines, utilizing a cloud-powered platform that highlights every post and attracts consumers. This provides stronger sales and long-lasting results.
Subject: Dominate Search Engine Vancouver BC
(Posted on Feb 28, 2013 at 09:42AM ) Tags:

The need to dominate search engines is understood. Companies can no longer rely on basic branding. Instead they must seek consumers online.

Many businesses are doing this. They’re simply not doing it correctly. Social marketing is being improperly utilized throughout the Web, with its methods and goals unaligned. 

Analytics can change this.


Analytics--the process of measuring information, such as site performance and individual post traffic--is a not a new concept. It’s simply a concept that’s often overlooked, with real-time reporting underdeveloped within companies. Social campaigns are often separated from the brands they represent, with a lack of communication and data analysis making them ineffective. According to Matt Lawson, VP of Marketing at Marin Software: “I can't tell you how many companies have their search marketing team in a little separate silo.”

It’s this thought that led Marin Software, with support from Forrester Research, to conduct a study of search engine marketing and how it’s being used. Within this study, it was discovered that 83% of participants believed their online efforts directly effected their overall revenue outcomes.

This is an easy number to accept. What follows, however, is less encouraging: because 65% of those same participants admitted to a lack of metrics and ad goals, focusing instead on simply driving in traffic. There was no analysis or strategy reported. There was just a series of poorly executed social campaigns.

This is a waste of the estimated $33 billion that will be devoted to search engine marketing and social networking within the next few years. Companies are not examining their performances or their consumers. They are merely generating empty traffic, and this leads to a lack of sales and weakened brands.

One Big Broadcast helps to rectify this. Our platform embraces the analytics process, allowing businesses to understand what their services truly mean. We evaluate sites, posts and social campaigns, offering real-time results and helping to further the media experience.