Why Great Creative, Navigation and Branding are now a necessity.

Never before has your company’s  web  site’s first impression been more important.

If people land on your site and it looks old, outdated or they just plain don’t like it – they leave – and most times won’t return.

Now, thanks to Google’s Panda update bad web design and poor navigation will get you poor search rankings.  Google decided to start watching people’s habits in an effort to produce better search rankings. If some web site used a method to get the top of search yet should not of been there – Google could see that people left right away – so they built that into their search algorithms.

So with that thought in mind Google rewards sites that have good navigation and design with higher organic search rankings because they stay longer and navigate deeper. Compare that to a poorly designed web site that people simply land on the site and leave within seconds because of its look - Google penalizes them by placing them far down on the organic search list.

Moral - you'd better look good and have better navigation.

Side bar - So in some ways your site's Internet site has graduated to the world of fashion. You have to buy old cloths or let's face it - you look 'old'.  You need to buy new cloths if peole are going to think you are up with the times.

Translated - Your brand needs to keep up with the times just like your content marketing!

One Big Broadcast prides itself on its ability to provide full service branding and creative should client companies what it. Our parent company WebStager Media has an entire team of global award winning designers that can learn your goals and help transform your brand to function well using our engine.

What helps as well is that our platform is an awesome content marketing platform with hundred of tools, applications, widgets etc. Our creative team is familiar with the ways to use them to get the most out of the platform,  align with your overall social integration goals and come up with a brand and look that integrates the tools in the interface.

Why not talk to us about your own social strategy combined with branding and creative. Contact and lets share some ideas on social integration, branding, creative and everything working together.