DealerNet Services (DNS)  provides Dealers with ”out of the box” solutions to optimize their Sales Operations and Marketing Initiatives that will improve New and Used vehicle sales by increasing Conversion Rates and Fully Integrating your Marketing initiatives. 

As Global Marketing Partner for One Big Broadcast (OBB) a World Class Marketing Company with a diverse clientele from all different sectors of Industries from around the world you get “out of the box” perspectives that will set you apart and lift you above competition.

We work with Franchise and Non-Franchise dealers one client at a time in a cost effective way to convert more customer visits into sales and create marketing campaigns that will drive traffic.

We will work with you in both to creating campaigns unique to your company and geographic location to drive traffic and audit your Sales and BDC operations to insure you that you can capitalize on those campaigns. 

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is crucial for the growth of your business. Therefore it is critical to design your Sales Operations and Marketing Campaigns to what works best for YOU at YOUR location in YOUR geographic area.

The goal of our services are to provide a "zero cost" approach to increasing your productivity and profitability by using your resources more effectively and efficiently.

We want to be a permanent part of your success for years to come.

You now have the best odds for conversions than ever before. These customers are ready to buy, the only question is, are they buying from you?

When you retain someone to mentor and motivate you sales staff you want someone with proven success in sales and sales management that can get the job done. Bill was the highest paid salesperson where he worked during the great recession and in 2009 Bill's income was the highest in the dealerships 55 plus year history of being in business.

Bill can motivate your sales management, finance management and sales staff to increase your conversion rates.

Being driven to succeed Bill has joined a winning team at One Big Broadcast with people of the same mindset and drive for success. We will audit  your marketing campaigns and internet department and show you how to increase the conversions of leads to Dealership visits and sales. .

Today, 94% of car buyers begin the process online, according to recent estimates, yet most dealerships attribute less than 30% of actual sales to Internet leads. Why the discrepancy? Most consumers do research online but instead of submitting a lead, they decide to call or walk into a dealership when they’re ready to buy. Because of all the research they can do on their own, though, customers today visit only 1.4 dealerships before purchasing a car, down from 4.5 in 2005, according to J.D. Power.

And, according to a recent study by CAR-Research XRM, only 25% of people leave showrooms because they are “still shopping.” The rest leave because of inventory, financing or some other issue. Statistically speaking this means that you have a better than a 50/50 chance of selling 75% of customers that walk through your door. You now have the best odds for conversions than ever before. These customers are ready to buy, the only question is, are they buying from you?


"If your actions don’t Create Value, then your actions decrease Your Value"
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