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Since blogs are all powerful for content marketing everyone is using blogs to get their marketing message out. Armed with that knowledge our blog platform is supercharged. We've combined the power of blogs at attracting search for changing content with 100's of programs that do mass distribution to all the important spots. One button sends info to hundreds of spots. We didn't stop there in our quest to push the envelope of SEO visibility from a common site. If one blog is an engine is good, then 2 are better and then some. Our platform is designed to create a new blog engine at the touch of a button while the user can even specify the title and file name for maximum SEO  visibility. 

On the analytics side we wanted to drill down deep into each blog post of each invividual blog. Back in the old days of marketing there was a saying 'Listen to what your customers are saying'. We listen to each blog post by applying deep analytics monitoring. Our reporting tells companies which blog had the most interest from a social and search level. I this way we uncover things that most people never thought possible. See a spike you your readership on a particular blog topic - the people have spoken to what they are interested in. 

We've seen multi million ad campaigns started on the strength of the results of our analytic programs. 
We start with high level of ALL our blog topics. Each blog is an engine capable of attracting its own set of search terms, its own following of people. Each blog sends out 100s of news feeds (see )and the blog touch points with each post.

Blog analytics users can adjust the date range:

 Attached below is a blog post that spiked on popular restaurants in Vancouver:

On top of this with all of our API activity we are able to use Google Analytics tools to create custom reports to monitor and report on exact conversion metrics for individual pages or campaigns. For example say we are using our new newspaper ad generator tool. We create a special report to track conversions and other important data via advanced features in Google Analytics.
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