Mastering Integration and eCommerce: Travel Sites

The need to see the world is often undeniable. The need to seek out adventure travel sites, however, is often frustrating--if only because inept designs and irrelevant information keep readers confused.

One Big Broadcast wants to alleviate that confusion through an eCommerce platform that promotes, manages and streamlines sites.

Content may be king, but efficiency is essential: and our CMS offers that. One Big Broadcast has an eCommerce platform that is tailored to travel. It utilizes social integration techniques, systematically linking materials to networks and engines. Strong content marketing defines every post, helping them to achieve high search rankings. This draws readers to sites and increases traffic.

The use of specific tools, however, ensures that this traffic never wanes.

The eCommerce platform boasts many options that help create dynamic--but, more importantly, user-friendly--sites:

Blogging: focused content attracts readers, as well as raises overall site relevancy. Each blog provides materials that are infused with organic SEO principles. Guests will seek them out.

Social Communities: each site can now have private social communities that connect to all of their media accounts and networks. Information is instantly integrated into targeted areas like Facebook, Twitter and more. This encourages direct communication between companies and consumers.

IMGY: photo galleries effortlessly promote destinations and companies. The IMGY option ensures that members can quickly upload pictures to their sites (as well as their social networks).

Profiles: sites can now create profiles, with all essential information and images entered into a cloud-powered console. This allows for both quick modification and quicker integration, with all details given to search engines. This lets every profile resonate with potential travelers.

Social eCommerce Tools: having full control over sales and operations is essential, and social eCommerce tools allow this to be done with ease. The platform provides many shopping solutions. Private search applications allow clients to seamlessly look for available dates, tours or trips. Innovative software accepts credit cards or other online payment transfers, making sites attractive to both guests and creators. One Click interfacing enables complete control of pricing, content and more.

The purpose of these tools is to empower all adventure travel companies, allowing them to promote their businesses effectively. Though consistent blogging, integrated member profiles and commerce tools, each site appeals to--and maintains--the demographics they need.

Contact One Big Broadcast today to find out how social ecommerce fits with your plans.