Social Media Is Redefining Marketing And Search Visibility.

Once upon a time, large media (think newspapers, television, radio and prints) ruled the roost in dictating the marketing approach.

Social media and search have changed all that. The power of social media is redefining marketing… and search visibility.

The days of traditional media and traditional marketing strategies are fading. Today, consumers are now online and mobile more than ever — via smartphones, tablets PCs — talking and sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Search, social and mobile are now more important than a single marketing strategy. They are a way of life. They are a way of business.

Business and organizations need greater search visibility to gain control of marketing to these multi tiered touch points with less resources than they have ever had. They need a central console — one that commands, controls and reports on all facets of the new desktop and mobile Internet — while monitoring and delivering results.

This type of platform is here, now, with OneBigBroadcast.

What is OneBigBroadcast?

OneBigBroadcast is a cloud powered content creation and marketing platform that aligns content, integrates social, builds search visibility with modules that build strong communities.
OneBigBroadcast is your social media automation marketing software platform —leveraging the power of  social media and other digital touch points to boost online visibility both to the desktop and mobile users, accent brand awareness and exponentially enhance search engine positioning.
The platform’s best in class content management console connects with legacy platforms while seamlessly powering desktop, mobile and all other activities.
Packed with multiple layers of marketing technologies, the OneBigBroadcast centralized console allows companies and organizations to automate social media news delivery seamlessly while internal processes federate data and actively enhance SEO activities.
OneBigBroadcast allow companies to streamline and magnify their digital marketing efforts — while collaborating on multiple levels, federating data streams for search value while measuring results in real time.
The end result is a socially charged highly visible web strategy that saves time and money by implementing marketing programs immediately and results in increased visibility and brand awareness.
The OneBigBroadcast Client Experience
  • A Cloud Based Central Management Console to create, manage, attract and analyze.
  • Create web pages, manage different engaging mobile campaigns, integrate social networks, align and attract search - then monitor the results from various analytics.
  • Multiple teams in your diverse organization are creating their own marketing campaigns for regional reach while teams are creating content in a Facebook campaign while data is federated into a various news portals – all from the same platform.
  • Differentiate and enhance their brand by engaging customers with unique interactive visual experiences – be it interactive games and contests on Facebook or our own GPS fused broadcast enabled image and video experiences we’ve created using our core platforms.
OneBigBroadcast helps clients exponentially duplicate their marketing efforts as their campaigns grow or others wish to add to their efforts:
  • Clients that want to engage many areas of their organization into a cohesive, organized yet powerful multi tiered broadcast message.
  • Clients that want a competitive edge compared to their competition.
  • Clients that want to create content then distribute it far and wide to attract attention, traffic and search while tracking their progress in real time.
More and more clients are using OneBigBroadcast as a platform to promote their brands and  attract more online revenue — from leads to booking sales. Learn more about OneBigBroadcast components now.